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(the universal exercise unit)

The Spider Cage

The universal exercise unit (UEU) or the spider cage uses a harness, bungee and belt system within a three sided wire cage. This allows the child to perform balance, jumping and strengthening exercises with proper alignment. The SpiderCage can assist the child in standing without assistance, and complete transition work from quadruped, kneeling and standing. In doing so we can focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and overall motor skills in children.

The UEU can be equipped with additional supports and accessories such as harnesses, straps, and padding. These adaptations help provide stability, postural support, and proper alignment during exercises. The customization options enable physiotherapists to create a safe and comfortable environment while addressing the unique needs of each child.

2Nancy in action 0D5A8356_edited.jpg

The UEU can be combined with sensory stimulation techniques to enhance sensory integration for children with sensory processing disorders. By incorporating sensory elements like swings, tactile panels, or visual stimuli, the UEU can help children improve their sensory processing skills while engaging in therapeutic exercises.

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