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Activity Based Therapy

Activity Based Therapy is a form of physical rehabilitation that includes task specific activity, practice and repetition. 


Activity Based Training (ABT) focuses on recovery by providing activation of the neuromuscular system below the level of the lesion. ABT at ReYu is made up of 4 components:


1. Active Assistance Exercises (AAE)

These are exercises that focus on the mind-body connection and initiation of responses from the client. This is not a passive range of motion. Goals are to increase neuromuscular activation, circulation and provide sensory feedback.

2. Core Training

Core training is a foundational component that is built


upon for movement efficiency. These activities have high carry over into the daily living of clients. This focuses more on just “building abs”, but strengthening the entire trunk.

3. Weight-Bearing Activities

Weight-bearing through the long bones of the body helps in strengthening and maintaining the integrity of the bones. This can be done in standing, kneeling, and even sitting with weight through the feet.

4. Gait Training

This can include crawling, cycling, and overground walker walking. These focus on establishing a base of support, and control of the hips. There are 3 levels to gait training:

  • Therapeutic: walking for the physiological benefits of weight bearing

  • Household: within the home, and possible use of assistive devices

  • Community: actively ambulating in the community, with or without the use of assistive devices

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