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Therasuit Method

What is it? 

The TheraSuit Program uses intense exercise based training, reflex integration and a special suit that focuses on retraining the nervous system by driving neural plasticity by giving constant feedback to the nervous system. Much of the correction and retraining is driven by the appropriate sensory cues to the spinal cord. The sensory cues are essentially the language of the nervous system. So, to create a clear picture of what the body is to learn the sensory cues must be very specific and correct for the recovery of a specific task. 

How does it work?            
“TheraSuit®, thanks to its construction and improvements, creates a breathable soft dynamic orthotic. Its major goal is to improve and change proprioception (pressure from the joints, ligaments, muscles), reduce patient's pathological reflexes, restore physiological muscle synergies (proper patterns of movement) and load the entire body with weight (process similar to a reaction of our muscles to the gravitational forces acting up us for 24 hours). All of the above normalizes afferent vestibulo- proprioceptive input (information arriving to the vestibular system). The vestibular system is a very important center. It processes, integrates and sends back all the information that arrives from muscles, joints, tendons etc. It influences muscle tone, balance and the position of the body in space. The more correct proprioception from the joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, joint's capsule etc., the more correct alignment. The vicious cycle (picture 1) can be interrupted and incorrect information is replaced by " new" correct information (picture 2). A patient (child) diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and other neuro-motor disorders requires hundreds of repetitions of any particular movement. We believe that as individuals, we all have a "magic" number. For example: a baby that is trying to push-off the floor will need to repeat this movement a few hundred times in order to master it. Another one may need either more or less repetitions to learn the same skill. For the Cerebral Palsied child however, this fairly low "magic" number grows to a thousand or more repetitions to learn and master new skills. TheraSuit worn over a prolonged time will correct proprioception and accelerate the progress. Thanks to the TheraSuit and intensive functional strengthening program the skills practiced will become more fluent and require less and less effort. Therefore, TheraSuit facilitates the development of new gross and fine motor skills like sitting, standing, walking.    

Benefits of the Therasuit Program  


1. Retraining the central nervous system 

2. Normalizes muscle tone

3. Changes biomechanical alignment

4. Corrects gait pattern

5. Improves balance and coordination

6. Improves body and spacial awareness

7. Improves bone density

8. Supports head and trunk control                   

A27Q1249 (1).jpg

The ultimate goal of the TheraSuit Training is for children to reach their maxima potential growth in learning, movement and functioning. All movement is complex composed of multiple muscles, requirements and environmental demands for balance (postural control/dynamic stability), spacial awareness and response to environmental demand.

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