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Theratogs are used to improve postural control by increasing tactile input and compressing the trunk for postural support. The elastic straps are strategically placed on the client address the specific postural and functional needs. This increases body awareness and activates the somatosensory system. Theratogs are used in combination with our other therapies to help promote change for children with neuromotor dysfunction.

Theratogs assist with: 

  1. Postural Alignment- Theratog are designed to support and align the body in proper postural alignment. This can help improve body awareness and promote the alignment of the head, trunk and limbs. 

  2. Stability and Balance- the compression provides support to the muscles and joints, enhancing stability and balance during various activities

  3. Motor Control and Coordination- Theratogs can be used to facilitate motor control and coordination by providing feedback and resistance to the movement.

  4. Sensory Input and Regulation- Theratogs provide proprioceptive feedback and deep pressure input, which can have a calming and organizing effect on the sensory system. This can assist in sensory regulation and may benefit children who are hypersensitive and seek sensory input.

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