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We exist to inspire, motivate and promote recovery with increased function for individuals with spinal cord injuries and associated disorders through a comprehensive activity based therapy program, education, and exercise knowledge. 



To be a leader in the field of neurorehabilitation allowing individuals to enhance their quality of life through exercise therapy, science and collaboration. 



ReYu was a concept long before it had a name or a physical location, dating back to 2013. It all started with Bean, who was paralyzed and wanted more than traditional therapy was giving her. She ventured down to California and found a place where neurorecovery was promoted. She saw results that blew her mind and she knew this was a game changer for her. She then reached out to find a trainer to carry out her home program. This is when Bean and Nancy first met. They trained together for a few years and Nancy started working with others in the community as a mobile service. Once the word spread it was clear there was a need for this in the greater Edmonton Area. Bean and Nancy discussed opening a physical location for about a year and a half and then one day it was decided to take the leap and do just that.


ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre was cofounded by Bean Gill and Nancy Morrow on February 27, 2017. ReYu officially opened their doors to clients on April 3, 2017 renting a space from Parkinson Association of Alberta located in the Buchanan Centre. The name ReYu came about with the help of Zag Creative, an amazing marketing company made up of passionate individuals who were committed to our story, vision, and success. They provided us with the brand and tagline you see today, Reconnect (the brain to the body) Retrain (the nervous system) & Redefine (what is possible). Another incredible individual, Colton Bridge, was instrumental in animating our brand with the creation of our logo. Without these 2 contributors, we would not be where we are today. 


ReYu is about re-doing you, for many of our clients the day they were injured or diagnosed is referred to as their re-birthday. The day you redefine who you are. We help you be an elevated version of you.


ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre through 2017-2023 utilized the media at key events and times to spread awareness of not only ReYu, but of accessibility and disability within the community. 


Starting off, ReYu was operating 3 days a week for a total of 24 hours a week. Fast forward to 2023 , ReYu continues to operate 5 days a week with 8 trainers, an event planner, an administrator, and a client waitlist due to the demand from the community. In November 2018, with the help of a realtor from Avison-Young, we shifted to a new 5300 sqft facility that could house us for the following 8 years. With a space to now call home, we reached out to local artists Fresh Canvas and Alixandra Jade to embody ReYu's personality on the walls of our space. We have graffiti style street art and a mural highlighting our sponsors and donors who are the backbone of ReYu. Our kids corner came to life with the help of Tops Wallcovering, providing vibrant animal themed wall paper. 


We continue to seek out new equipment additions such as the adult staircase, an arm ergonometer, and a mechanical horse for hippo therapy, which will allow us to continue to offer the most comprehensive services and therapies to our clients. Our children's program continues to see growth having an influx of children. 


Lastly, our team has now grown to 12 staff members, while our client numbers have surpassed 300!


This year we celebrated our sixth birthday back together in person, with continued vigilance of our health and safety protocols. We have won a number of prestigious awards for our innovative work. These motivate us to keep pushing forward,  continue to grow and expand our team and look forward to the coming year!

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