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Our Team


At ReYu, neurorecovery is promoted through an intense activity based training program to increase function for individuals with spinal cord injuries and associated disorders.

Our Mission


     We exist to inspire, motivate and promote recovery with increased function for individuals with spinal cord injuries and associated disorders through a comprehensive activity based training program, education, and exercise knowledge.


Our Vision


     We strive to be a force for change leading the field in neurologic recovery that allows people to achieve their physical and mental ambitions through innovation based upon science, collaboration amongst our peers, and evidence based methodologies.


Katie - Neuro Exercise Specialist

Kendall - Neuro Exercise Specialist

Annabelle - Neuro Exercise Specialist

Kimberley - Event Coordinator

Bean - Cofounder & Executive Director

Nancy- Cofounder & Lead Neuro Exercise Specialist

Alex- Neuro Exercise Specialist

Darcy - Neuro Exercise Specialist


Activity Based Training

A form of physical rehabilitation that includes task specific activity, practice and repetition. Along with precise cuing for mobility, posture, strength, endurance and developmental movement patterns such as crawling, standing and walking. Founded in the principles of locomotor training and neuroplasticity to promote maximal recovery.

TheraSuit Training

The program utilizes intense exercise based training and the TheraSuit®, a wearable dynamic orthosis that gives constant feedback to the nervous system.

Another part of this therapy is the universal exercise unit, affectionately known as the cage. 

Body Weight Support Treadmill Training​

Ever thought about getting back up on your feet? Here's your chance! With the assistance of a full body harness system, a specialized treadmill and our wonderful trainers we can offer this service.



Now Offering

Adaptive Yoga

Finding an inclusive studio can be hard, which is why we are excited to bring yoga to our clients in an accepting environment. With consistent practice of Yoga the integration of mind and body has shown benefits related to increased strength, balance, flexibility and improved breath control. We welcome all interested to check it out. This is Yoga for every"BODY" in partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta starting April 9th.

Coming Soon

Nutrition Classes, counselling and meal planning

Diet plays a huge role in quality of life following a spinal cord injury or other neurological condition. Not only does it affect energy levels but it impacts bowel and bladder function. What if you could lose weight, increase your mobility and energy levels, or take control over your bowels? Come visit us for more in-depth meal planning, nutrition advice and nutritional education from a registered dietitian or accredited nutritionist.

Adaptive Boxing

Come relieve some stress and work on your cardio at the same time with experienced coaches. We welcome all interested to check it out. 

Functional Electrical Stimulation

Some of the benefits of electrical stimulation post injury include prevention of atrophy and maintaining bone density in arms and legs while performing functional tasks such as cycling or stepping. Ask us for more information


Massage can help relax muscles, alleviate pain due to overuse injuries and calm the nervous system through specific techniques.


Contact Us

Tel: 780-709-2468​



17716 - 107Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T5S 1G8 

General inquiries: bean@reyu.ca

Trainer specific: nancy@reyu.ca


Monday            9AM-8:30PM

Tuesday           10AM-6:00PM

Wednesday      9AM-8:30PM

Thursday          10AM-6:00PM

Friday               9AM-8:30PM

Saturday           CLOSED

Sunday              CLOSED

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