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Kristin graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from the University of Alberta in 2023.  She began volunteering at ReYu in 2022, and then completed her practicum at ReYu in winter 2023 and then joined the team April 2023. During her practicum, she learnt about Neurorecovery and sensory processing disorders working in the pediatric section. Since working at ReYu she has completed the Activity Based Training course, and DMI Introductory level A.


Kristin grew up in small town Athabasca, on a farm with her parents, brothers, and dogs, and moved to Edmonton after high school graduation for university. Outside of ReYu, her hobbies include painting, camping, and Ukrainian dance! Fun fact- Kristin and Lauren both dance together in the same performance ensemble!

Kristin works with both adults and children.

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