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Tasha was born and raised in Grande Cache Alberta where she learnt a lot of various outdoor skills, worked with the military and helped with the running of youth groups. In 2012 she was involved in a motor vehicle collision resulting in her being diagnosed as a T4 complete paraplegic. After which she had to switch her mindset to relearn how to live the life she currently was facing. After 5 years living there and relearning how life in a wheelchair worked she moved to Edmonton and started school at MacEwan University in the Accounting and Strategic Measurement Diploma. During her final semester was the initial outbreak of COVID where she then had to learn to switch to an online model of learning which is how she finished her diploma. Tasha and Bean had met shortly after she had moved to Edmonton, resulting in Bean bringing Tasha in to help with final assessment testing and her getting familiar with ReYu. In 2020 Tasha started regularly being present at ReYu after finishing school, as well as joining Bean and fellow Wheely peeps in mentoring newly paralyzed individuals. As Bean got busier Tasha offered her support and educational background in helping ReYu grow as she had seen the impact that it can have on everybody attending and wants to see ReYu expand to its full potential.

Tasha’s hobbies and interests include Dungeons and Dragons, board games, video games, fantasy books, and still all the outdoor activities that she used to enjoy.

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