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Neuro Exercise Specialist Course

Takes the steps to becoming a neuro exercise specialist!

Every trainer at ReYu has completed this course, contributing to their niche knowledge of this underacknowledged demographic. 

This course is designed for working with individuals with neurological conditions. Get trained to work with clients of a unique bracket and gift yourself the tools to broaden your scope of practice!

By taking this course, you contribute yourself to the spread of knowledge and awareness of this demographic. This allows the places for these individuals to seek treatment to permeate and grow.

This Course Includes :

  • 10 hours of Video Learning

  • 5 Essential Modules

    • Anatomy & Physiology​

    • Activity Based Therapy

    • Session Planning

    • Safety, Lifts & Transfers

    • Applying What You've Learned​​

  • Readings for each Module

  • Quizzes for each Module

Upon Completing this Course You Will :

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the basic science related to activity based therapy.

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the guiding principles of activity based therapy, recovery phases, and periodization as it pertains to spinal cord injuries and techniques utilized in training.

  • At an introductory level, identify and incorporate the components of activity based therapy into patient interventions and progression.


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